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Aster - Light Denim Sneakers

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How to Measure

To measure your feet, stand on a level surface with the back of your heels against a straight edge or wallngest toe. Take the measurement (in inches) at the point where the ruler's flat edge crosses (see image below). This is your foot length.

Please choose the larger size if your foot measurement falls between two sizes. It is usual for one of your feet to be longer than the other. If so, please select the larger size for your shoes.

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Our Light Blue Denim Sneakers with a vibrant denim fabric are designed to elevate your footwear game while embracing an eco-conscious lifestyle.

Crafted with utmost care, these denim sneakers embody the principles of cruelty-free fashion. Our vegan production ensures no animals were harmed in the making, making them a perfect choice for those who prioritize ethical choices without compromising on style.

Step into a world where style meets sustainability and make a lasting impression wherever you go.

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