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Rather than the fashion industry continuing on its destructive path, we believe it can become one of the world’s most powerful conduits for social and environmental progress.

We envision the industry reversing its impact on climate change and becoming one of society's most effective tools to help eradicate poverty within our lifetime.

At Prologue “First, do no harm” is a belief we live by. This means we appreciate and treasure the nature and positivity found in all of us. Social responsibility, excellence, inclusivity, integrity, authenticity, and love are among the values we hold dear.

We are pleased to introduce Prologue Shoes.

We’re an eco-friendly fashion brand from US. We're here to provide you with both environmentally friendly and fashion-forward pieces at their earliest stages.

We have and will forever be committed to not using leather or any other animal based materials in our designs.

Each season, we continue to explore and utilize innovative ways to improve our sustainable and eco-friendly ways, while still producing high-quality and timeless shoes.

A wide variety of recycled materials have been used by us over the years, including nylon, rubber, cork, and more. Today we’re committed to using linings made solely of 100% recycled pet plastic bottles. Even some of our models are primarily made of 100% recycled post consumer PET plastic bottles.

Prologue Shoes collections can now be found in boutiques across the United States , Canada and the UK. 




Greetings from Forever & Always Shoes - We believe that every step you take on your special day should be comfortable, stylish and sustainable.
We are a bridal, high heel and sandal brand owned by Prologue Shoes, dedicated to providing the perfect pair of shoes for women who want to feel confident and comfortable on their big day.

At Forever & Always Shoes, we pride ourselves on using only the highest quality vegan leather and materials like satin, polyester and more, to create shoes that are not only beautiful, but also ethical and sustainable. Our shoes are designed with the wearer in mind, ensuring that each pair provides ultimate comfort and support, no matter how long you need to wear them.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, which is why all of our shoes come with packaging made from recycled carton and are plastic-free. And, with all of our shoes 100% handmade in Turkey by ethically paid laborers, you can feel good about every step you take in our shoes.

Our dedication to quality, comfort, and sustainability sets us apart from the rest. We are Forever & Always Shoes - the perfect partner for your perfect day.