The term vegan refers to a diet that does not contain meat, eggs, dairy products, or any other animal products.

But what about Vegan Shoes? What do Vegan Shoes mean?

Basically, vegan shoes are shoes made without animal products as well as products or materials that have not been tested on animals. Leather, wool, fur, and some glues, which are traditionally used in shoe making, are completely excluded from this category.

As vegan shoes have become more popular over the years, there have only been more options available to consumers. As material technology advances, synthetic materials are used more and more in footwear, especially active lifestyle, fashion and boots footwear.
In simple terms, vegan shoes are those made without harming animals in anyway.

Vegan Materials

Prologue Shoes use 100% synthetic materials with no animal products, across all lines of footwear. It includes everything from boots to sneakers, including rubber outsoles, water-resistant uppers, removable footbeds, straps and more.

Even more, we intend to use recycled materials where it's possible in our production. The best example to this would be our Comfort Sneakers line that has uppers from 100% Recycled Post Consumer PET bottles. And as a matter of fact, currently all of our shoelaces are 100% produced from recycled PET bottles as well.

Advances in faux leather materials have allowed better styling, more variety and higher performance in Vegan footwear quality.

Synthetic fabric, PU (polyurethane), EVA, recycled and virgin rubbers, canvas and faux-leather materials are all being used to produce vegan shoes today. Among the concerns surrounding leather and animal based footwear are the exploitation of exotic animals for their skins, fur and cruelty related with the food and animal by-products industries.

Vegan shoes, on the other hand have now been widely accepted in the fashion industry as well as the athletic/casual market.

Prologue’s vegan shoes sustains the durability, grip and performance customers expect from the brand.